International Funding Programme 2019

Centenary Awards - Programme Objectives:

Local, Transformative, Female Focused

The focus of the Sir Ernest Cassel Centenary Awards will be projects or organisations that address inequality of access for girls and women living in low income countries into secondary, tertiary or adult education. Also of interest are projects focusing on the transition points within education and between education and employment, which improve retention rates or which empower girls and women and raise their aspirations. The projects should aim to be transformative and inclusive.

UK registered charities with a strong local bias in-country will be prioritised. Whilst there is no prescriptive outcome sought, projects selected for support will demonstrate how their work is relevant to the local area, how it enhances in-country capacity and capability, meets local needs and maximises impact.

Priority will also be given to organisations for whom this grant would be transformative and for something that would be unlikely to be able to secure equivalent funding elsewhere. This may be because the work in question is new and untested, is not eligible for other girls’ education funding schemes or because it will enable a scaling up of current operations. However, it is unlikely that the trust would award a grant that equates to more than 25% of an organisation’s income in any year of the project.

Grants do not have to go towards projects or initiatives that focus solely on female education but this should a major focus of the work and the Sir Ernest Cassel Centenary Award funding should be proportionate to this aspect of it e.g. if half a project’s beneficiaries are girls, the trust would not expect to fund more than half the project’s total cost.

Applications may include advocacy and influencing activity.

This programme has now closed.