Mountbatten Memorial Grants                                    

Please note that the Cassel Trust no longer makes these awards directly. 

However, some support may be available for overseas students from developing countries including the Commonwealth, who are encountering unforeseen financial difficulty in, or towards the end, of their final year of study at a university in the United Kingdom from the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) Hardship Fund.  
Overseas students who think they may be eligible to apply, should do so by e-mail  to:

There is a comprehensive application form which will be sent to you for completion and two references will also be required, one academic and one non-academic.  

You should also expect to provide the following details:
  • Your biographical details (c.v.) and a note about your intended career after the course.
  • Details about the course or research degree and a realistic estimate of its completion date.
  • Your current financial position and the nature of the unforeseen circumstances causing the difficulty.
  • Any awards received from other sources and any other outstanding applications for financial assistance.
  • A letter of support from your academic supervisor. (A statement of attendance is insufficient).